Having a self

Over many years I have had a great interest in the notion of a self. Twenty five years ago I wrote a book called God image Self-image and designed and implemented a self-esteem workshop in the church I was a part of. I became passionate about self-esteem; how it is... read more

Understanding our Story: Reclaiming our Self

To have a strong sense of self we must know and understand our story. We must have been able to story our experiences in such a way that we can stay in the present without being triggered into overwhelming feelings (from the past). When we have unprocessed, un-storied... read more

Understanding Trauma

Trauma is a threatening event outside the mind, spirit, emotion or body’s capacity to cope at the time. We survive. We respond from the primitive part of the brain; the reptilian brain, our instincts. We Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fix. Because the experience is so... read more