Understanding Emotions

Matt & Kristy playing in the mud: Understanding Emotions

Understanding Emotions

Putting emotions where they belong

Freeing the present from the past. Understanding emotions helps recognize what is going on with both our self and others.

People carry around an overload of emotions that can be triggered unexpectedly. Many of these emotions are triggered in workplace settings, especially in times of stress and change. They can also result in workers in the helping professions being triggered by the stories and overwhelming emotions of the people they are trying to help.

Some people’s experiences have left them unaware of their emotions so they get misplaced or shut down. Working with distressful situations can trigger these emotions unexpectedly, seemingly out of context and lead to physical or emotional breakdown.

The workshop presents and practices ways of:

  • recognising and processing emotional overload
  • putting the emotions where they belong

By understanding memory and how it is stored and retrieved.

She uses these ideas to help people understand and process anger, using their triggers to tell their stories and validate experiences.

The workshop demonstrates simple tools and explanations to help both clients and workers understand, contain and process anger using triggers to tell stories and validate experiences.

Turning the tangled mess of misplaced emotions into a coherent life story that makes sense of past and present.