Creating New Futures

Baby blowing bubbles: Creating New Futures

Creating New Futures

Helping parents become the parents they want to be

“The best predictor of a child’s security is not what happened to his or her parents but rather how his parents made sense of those experiences”. Dan Siegel from Mindsight.

Drawing on her experiences and understanding of how traumatic childhoods affect people, Mary presents simple, safe and profound tools to minimize the effects of the past impacting on the relationship between parents and their children. She has worked extensively with families to prevent the effects of abuse and neglect by resourcing parents and providing them with experiences that develop new ways of being and doing.

Tools To Help Parents Create A Coherent Life Story

The workshop weaves together ideas from attachment theory and narrative practices to help people re-story their lives in ways that establish a strong sense of self and action to enable them to provide the kind of connection that children need.