The Responsive Teacher

The Responsive Teacher

The Responsive Teacher

Helps teachers and carers respond calmly to the children in their care.

You Will Learn About

  • How teachers and carers can help children to use their whole brain using Mindfulness and Mindsight.
  • The Chemistry of connection,
  • How the brain processes experiences using its full capacity,
  • What prevents us from processing events,
  • What happens when experiences are not processed,
  • What happens to children when their distress is met with their carer’s stress,
  • How the way children are responded to and the kind of experiences they have built self-esteem and resilience based on attachment theory and clinical practice.

Practice Strategies To

  • Create calm classrooms,
  • Prevent teachers’ stress joining with children’s distress,
  • Enable children to be seen, heard and responded to.

The workshop is based on six years of presenting Parenting workshops and realising how teachers and carers needed the same information and processes.

Understand and Practice a simple process .

Stop, Breathe, Feel. Reflect, Think, Connect.