Understanding Story

Understanding Story

Understanding Story

The importance of story,

Putting the pieces together.

Understand how experiences are stored, storied and remembered.

What happens when children are not given the opportunity to story their lives.

How parents can provide the experiences that enable children to have a “coherent life story”.

How we can provide parents with experiences of storying their own lives to provide a basis for good connection and secure attachment.

Practice simple safe ways of storying experiences that:

  • Strengthen a sense of self rather than support the claims and messages of abuse and neglect, 
  • Turn unprocessed events (implicit memory) into autobiographical memory (explicit memory).

I Am Not What Has Happened To Me, I Am What Is Important To Me

Brings together neurobiology of trauma, attachment theory and Narrative ideas to help people story their lives in ways that develop a strong sense of self.

Includes information on helping children process their experiences in ways that develop a coherent life story from neurobiology research and Narrative Practices.

Creating a coherent life story to make sense and meaning of our lives.