Understanding Trauma

Understanding Trauma

Understanding Trauma

Simple tools to process trauma in safe life affirming ways

Presents an overview of a number of different ways of understanding trauma to integrate Body, Mind, and Spirit.

How the brain and the body store and process distressing events.

What people do to cope with and recover from difficult experiences.

How the effects of trauma can be understood and minimised.

How trauma affects people’s lives, and how individual resist and adapt to those effects.

Valuing people’s strengths by uncovering hidden stories of action and support.

Mary has worked with survivors of relational and complex trauma for 30 years. Drawing on her many years of working with trauma, Mary has developed simple safe tools to understand trauma and processing experiences. The Workshop presents these practices combining practice and theory from Neurobiology and Narrative Therapy, drawing on the work of Dan Siegel, Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges and Michael White.

Processing past experiences to free the present of their effects