I have attended a lot of training. This was the best workshop I have ever been to. Mary’s warmth, the way she connected with everyone and the clear presentation of material, really impressed me.


Course Participant, Counsellor

This is unlike any other parenting book I have read! The author speaks from her rich experience as a mother, counsellor and educator but does not preach or offer lofty advice; rather she guides the reader to discover the truth and strength within themselves. An empowering read for those on an inward journey as a parent.


Teacher, Masters In Early Childhood

Mary’s ability to engage, interact and know when to not act, and draw out underlying emotional baggage that participants carry is admirable. She has an amazing ability to build respect and rapport in a short time. Her facilitation was empowering to me and has caused me to improve my own skills.


Case Manager

Your workshops on Trauma will help people to feel free to better understand themselves – that’s what that one workshop did for me. So, thank you.


Family Worker