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Mary Cutts

Mary Cutts

Workshops to equip and support those who work with people affected by trauma.

It is our goal to encourage organisations:

  • To provide opportunities for self-care and personal development for their workers, as well as professional development to up-skill them on working with trauma,
  • To recognise the impact of working with tough issues in difficult political contexts to avoid burnout and Post Traumatic Stress in the workplace,
  • To provide workers with the opportunity to focus on themselves for a day, reflect on how and when their work is impacting on their wellbeing, and take action to attend to their needs.

The workshops are developed and facilitated by Mary Cutts BA (Social Sciences) Graduate Diploma Counselling

Mary began her career in human services at a time when great emphasis was on training and worker care. Today the work is harder, political issues are greater, funding is less straight forward, more documentation is required and so less emphasis is placed on training and worker care.

Mary has developed simple clear processes and content that honour each person’s experience and create safe spaces for reflection and growth. She is a gifted, warm, responsive facilitator with 30 years’ experience counselling survivors of complex trauma, facilitating retreats, supervision, training and developing and presenting workshops. She has worked with children, adolescents and families in mental health, sexual assault, family support, out of home care, private counselling and retreats.

Since 2008 she has developed and facilitated a wide range of innovative, trauma based workshops for the Family Relationships Skills Program. These workshops have had record attendance and profound impact on many lives. They bring together the neurobiology of trauma, attachment theory and Narrative Principles and Practices.